Bible Study Volunteer Instructions

Bible Study Information:

  • Bible Study discussions are held on Saturday at 10am EST/EDT, and typically last an hour.
  • These sessions are based on the questions submitted by the volunteer.
  • With the exception of a summer hiatus, Bible Studies are held the rest of the year. (unless no one volunteers). See schedule on Bible Study website page for openings or send in a request using information below.


Instructions for preparing the questions:

  • The volunteer develops the questions, but does not lead the discussion. It is up to the attendees to provide answers to the questions, and for the practitioners to keep the session on track.
  • Select a quote from Mary Baker Eddy, or an early worker, that shows how Mrs. Eddy encouraged people to read and gain understanding of the Bible.
  • Select the topic. Usually it is based on the Lesson Sermon, but they can be any topic from the Bible. The purpose is to get to know the Bible better.
  • Generally, there are three to five questions. This helps people spend more time preparing an answer, and plenty of time for more people to participate in the discussion and therefore learn more.
  • Submit your proposed questions to Thomas from NY ( and Lynda from PA ( by the end of Friday, one week before your scheduled date. If you are new to the process, they are both available to help with the questions. For those who have done a Bible Study before, your questions will be posted as submitted (unless edits or changes appear to be needed).
  • The Bible study is a collaborative effort. No one needs to feel they are on their own. Everyone works together so that it enriches everyone to understand the Bible. The studies are recorded and available for people to listen to later.


Instructions for the Bible Study session:

  • A practitioner will begin the discussion, and then ask you to read the quote.
  • Please read slowly and clearly. Afterward, pause and allow time to see if anyone has any comments on it.
  • You will always be directed when to go on to the next question. There is no need for rushing through.
  • Each class has its own rhythm and it is ok if not all of the questions are covered in the study.


To sign up for Bible Studies:

  • Volunteering is open to all.
  • If you would like to be put on the schedule for a certain date, contact
  • If you need anything clarified that is not covered here, please contact Lynda from PA (

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