Bible Study for January 28th, 2023

Saturday at 10:00am EDT

Invocation To 1868

Father of every age,
Of every rolling sphere,
Help us to write a deathless page
Of truth this dawning year!

Help us to humbly bow
To thine all-wise behest
Whatever the gift of joy or woe,
Knowing thou knoweth best.

Aid our poor soul to sing
Above the tempest’s glee;
Give us the eagle’s fearless wing,
The dove’s to soar to thee!

All merciful and good,
Hover our homeless heart!
Give us each day our daily food
In knowing what Thou art!

Swampscott, Massachusetts January 1st 1868, by Mary Baker Eddy

Topic:“Salvation belongs to our God.” Rev. 7:10

Moderator: Thomas from NY

Read page 85 of Revelation Interpreted, by Rev. G. A. Kratzer, 2nd edition

Download or read “The Seven Churches”: From The Christian Science Journal, October 1917 by Caroline Getty

King James Bible:

Science and Health: Chapter 16 “Apocalypse” by Mary Baker Eddy

Revelation of Saint John An Open Book: by Irving Tomlinson

Download or read Study Notes on Revelation here: Compiled by Thomas


  1. What is the lesson found in Vision Two from each seal starting with the fourth seal ending with the seveneth seal? (Rev. 5:11 – 8:1; Tomlinson, pages 150-166)



Download the Word version of these questions here.




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