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Don’t Get Pulled into the Adam Dream

This week’s Lesson Sermon Subject: Adam And Fallen Man

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Morning Prayers

Prayer For Oneself – I thank Thee, Father-Mother God, that neither ignorant, fraudulent, nor malicious mortal mind can reach me, or affect me mentally, physically, financially, or otherwise; and I know it, for God is the only power; that I am not the victim of aggressive mental suggestion, nor the target of M.A.M. claiming to operate through any channel whatever, but I am the blessed legal child of God, spiritual, immortal. all-harmonious, perfect, happy, healthy, pure, sinless, free, and fearless and diseaseless, and deathless, expressing the substance of all good. Hold yourself constantly and consciously under God’s eternal law of blessing, of happiness, harmony, health, peace, joy, power, progress, protection, abundance; there is no other law,-only a contrary mortal mind lie which you are awake and alert to, and not under.

— from Divinity Course and General Collectanea, (the “Blue Book”), by Mary Baker Eddy, page 63

Discussion points

274 — WATCH lest you strive to use Christian Science to sidestep pain and suffering. Rather should you use it to fortify your understanding and courage, so that when these conditions confront you, you will not seek to avoid them, but you will rise up and meet them, and thus overcome them.

An advanced understanding of Science brings this rule, that we have got to learn to stand up under error scientifically, for the sake of purification, stabilization and preparation for future responsibilities. Wisdom should teach us never to pray to have an error removed. We should pray for the faith, courage and understanding to stand before it until we lose our fear of it and belief in it. Then it will disappear. On page 143 of Miscellany, we read, “When these things cease to bless they will cease to occur.”

— from 500 Watching Points by Gilbert Carpenter

GOLDEN TEXT: James 1 : 17

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.”

Definition – Animal magnetism is starting a belief and getting others to fear it. until evil is done to those that hold the belief and a law is made, and the error goes on gaining ground until the serpent becomes a dragon.

— from Watches, Prayers, and Arguments, by Mary Baker Eddy, page 176

President Hoover was to be at Kings Mountain Battlefield in North Carolina for a ceremony. A few days before this was to take place, a Secret Service man, interested in Christian Science, discovered a plot to assassinate the president; he stopped off in Asheville to contact Miss Jones and, failing to reach her, give the information to her sister, Emily, with the urgent request for Miss Jones to do special, prayerful work, and Miss Jones wrote of this experience:

My sister and I shut ourselves in our room and worked the four hours that the president was in our state. We did nothing but work. While we were working we both seemed to feel overwhelmed with the most terrific sense of load and burden: it was almost crushing in its cruel weight, but we worked on until we felt it lift.

We handled:
confusion of human opinions,
confusion of human influences,
prejudices, etc.

It lifted as we worked until we could feel that the burden was upon God’s shoulders, as was the government, also.

Meanwhile, at the battlefield, appropriate security steps were being taken, and all went well. The morning after, the president returned to Washington; his private secretary gave an interview to The Associated Press, in which he said how much the President had enjoyed his visit to North Carolina, and how rested and refreshed he felt from his brief trip south. Then, the secretary reported that the president said that since his return he has felt the lifting of a crushing load that descended upon him when he took the oath of office, and this is the first time in two years that he had any relief from it. I give credit to the Secret Service for protecting the president, Miss Joan said, in her closing narrative, that Christian Science went farther and lifted this weight as nothing else could.

“4-hour Watch” from memoirs of Elizabeth Earl Jones, by Elizabeth Earl Jones

Perhaps we have all felt that to be alone with God means to be apart from human habitation and association,—in the wilderness, in the primeval forest, on a wide expanse of waters, and that perchance in some such remote spot we might become conscious of a separateness from worldly thought, and a oneness with God, impossible in the crowded haunts of every-day life, surrounded by our fellow mortals.

A deeper insight, however, into the things of Spirit, which also includes a keener analysis of human thought and motive, and the claims of error, reveals more than this isolation of body or person as a pre-requisite to true aloneness, or communion with God. Nothing can separate us from God save our own false beliefs concerning Him (and this only in belief), and these errors may be quite as alert and active, quite as aggressive in the desert as in the marketplace or any of the gatherings of men.

It is difficult sometimes to know this, or at least to acknowledge it, for under stress of circumstances, in the midst of sore travail of soul, the heart cries out for solitariness, thinking that there it may find God and rejoice in conscious aloneness with Him. But this longing may never be realized, and perhaps it is well. Selflessness lays even its most cherished desires on the altar, and seeks its own in another’s good.

And it is in daily, hourly acts of self-abnegation that the false beliefs which alone constitute this seeming wall of separation, are consumed.

The furnace fires of affliction, the trials which “are proofs of God’s care” (Science and Health, p. 66), are also useful in this process of purification; for “mental purgation must go on: it promotes spiritual growth, scales the mountain of human endeavor, and gains the summit in Science that otherwise could not be reached,—where the struggle with sin is forever done” (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 41).

I offer this out of my own gratitude for awakening to the fact that to be “alone with God” is not to be apart from persons, but simply apart from evil, and that we are really closest to Him when most unselfishly working for His other children.

Therefore we do not need the wilderness, but the “closet,” “the sanctuary of Spirit, whose door shuts out sinful sense but opens to Truth, Life, and Love” (Science and Health, P. 15).

“Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?” “Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

“Alone With God” from Christian Science Journal, September 1902 by A. D.

Discerning the God-given rights of man, Paul said, “I was free born.” Justice and truth make man free, injustice and error enslave him. Mental Science alone grasps the standard of liberty, and battles for man’s whole rights, divine as well as human. It assures us, of a verity, that mortal beliefs, and not a law of nature, have made men sinning and sick, — that they alone have fettered free limbs, and marred in mind the model of man.

— from The People’s Idea of God by Mary Baker Eddy, page 10 : 12-20

God. The great I am; the all-knowing, all-seeing, all-acting, all-wise, all-loving, and eternal; Principle; Mind; Soul; Spirit; Life; Truth; Love; all substance; intelligence.

— from the Glossary of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, page 587

“These rooms will all be interesting to visitors after I am gone” and then soon she added, “I ought to be gaining the victory over death, hadn’t I? That is what I have been preaching.” I said what an immense work that would be! I then asked her, “What constitutes a victory over death? Is it to live in this life perpetually?” She said, “No; at least not to be visible to mortals to much extent. We overcome death when we fully overcome material sense and then it is not able to behold us because Spirit is not appreciable to matter.” I said I suppose that in that stage of advancement we shall still have a body that will be just as real to us as this body. “Not in a finite personal way,” she said. I said I could not separate in my thought the idea of my identity from its embodiment in some form. “That is true,” she said. “Your identity will have its embodiment, but it will not be finite in form and outline like this personal body. I think of our existence in that state more as we think of one who in some crisis rises to vigorous, noble action that is characteristic of that one’s nature. We do not think of a person’s body at such times, but of the force of mind, of the spiritual import.”

— from The Womanhood Of God, The Founding Of Christian Science(Volume 2 1888-1900) by Doris Grekel

Every advancing Christian hears the searching question, Hast thou been jealous of thy brother’s gift? Hast thou been wroth, and has thy countenance fallen because thou hast seen in another and hast not demonstrated in thine own life that which Abel typifies: “Watchfulness; self-offering; surrendering to the creator the early fruits of experience” (Science and Health, p. 579)? Human consciousness is exposed to the danger of harboring Cain.

…On pages 540 and 541 of the Christian Science textbook, “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures” Mrs. Eddy writes: “Cain is the type of mortal and material man, conceived in sin and ‘shapen in iniquity;’ he is not the type of Truth and Love. Material in origin and sense, he brings a material offering to God. Abel takes his offering from the firstlings of the flock. A lamb is a more animate form of existence, and more nearly resembles a mind-offering than does Cain’s fruit. Jealous of his brother’s gift, Cain seeks Abel’s life, instead of making his own gift a higher tribute to the Most High.” The destructive criticism which Cain typifies spares not the oil and the wine, respects neither mother nor child, neither compassion nor joy. It takes the brother’s nobler gift and tries to make out of it the worst; it condemns Mary for having chosen the better part; it ostracizes the repentant publican; it doubts the wisdom of Jesus in associating with sinners, and at his crucifixion, at the moment of his triumph over death, utters the ill-timed taunt: “He saved others; himself he cannot save. If he be the King of Israel, let him now come down from the cross, and we will believe him. He trusted in God; let him deliver him now, if he will have him: for he said, I am the Son of God.”

One can imagine this jealousy of the Cain consciousness prying into the sanctity of Jesus’ struggle in the Garden of Gethsemane and seeing him fall on his face, and sweat “as it were great drops of blood,” criticize this weakness of the flesh. Jealousy of spiritual progress is capable of calling woman’s fidelity at the cross and the sepulcher both a waste of time and a delusion. What hast thou done? is the question which turns the light upon error.

“What Hast Thou Done” from Christian Science Sentinel, June 29, 1918 by William D. McCrackan

“Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.”

Throughout the Scriptures, darkness is used to typify evil, and this definition of evil is helpful and encouraging. Darkness is obviously not an entity or reality but a negation. It is clearly the absence of light, and so is incapable of terrifying mankind when its essential nature is laid bare. Sin is darkness, so are sickness, sorrow, fear, false desire, envy, jealousy, hatred, revenge, and kindred false beliefs and mortal notions. They are to be destroyed by the opposite of darkness, namely, light, the light of spiritual understanding which descended upon the apostles at the feast of Pentecost, when Jesus’ personality having vanished from their presence, they were able to understand the true meaning of his career, his self-sacrifice, and his resurrection.

Sooner or later this spiritual understanding is destined to flood the consciousness of every one with its penetrating rays. The dark corners of doubt and rebellion are even now being illumined; the lurking places of disease are being purified; misunderstanding of God’s true nature, and suspicion concerning His real motives, are yielding to a joyous recognition that He is all good and all powerful at the same time, and that man in His image and likeness lives and moves and has his being in good. The appeal for more light is receiving a final answer, and the “kingdom of heaven is at hand.”

“More Light” from Christian Science Sentinel, April 25, 1914 by William D. McCrackan

Final Readings

Genesis 1 or Genesis 2?

Where did it begin
This idea called you?
In Genesis 1,
Or in Genesis 2?

Which one of these concepts
Will prove to be true?
If you know what is what,
Do you know who is who?
In Genesis 1 in the 26th verse
There’s a man with never a taint of a curse.
But in Genesis 2 in verse number seven
There’s a dust man conceived…
He’ll never see heaven.

So it really comes down
To which one you will claim.
What thou seest, thou beist…
So what is your name?

There they both stand.
Which one is you?
Immortal man one?
Or mortal man two?
If you’re immortal man
You know what you’re worth.
For according to law
You’ll inherit the earth.
But if you’re just a mortal
And made out of dust
Is there anything to you
That’s worthy of trust?
No, the thing they call man
In Genesis 2
Is the dream of the dreamer,
It never was you.
So know what you are,
Take your place in the sun.
You’re the immortal man
Of Genesis 1!

by J. Woodruff Smith

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