Sunday, November 12th, 2023 Roundtable

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Morning Prayers

Study the Bible constantly, daily, and, dear one, pray. Ask the divine Love every day to give you all that the Lord’s Prayer inculcates. Go alone by yourself one half hour every morning and ask God, good, ‘Thy kingdom come’- ask to establish the reign of honesty, peace and purity in your consciousness and to overthrow and cast out all that is unlike the Christ, Love. Ask to forgive those that wrong you even as God forgives you, and see how this must be for you to reflect God. Ask for deliverance from temptation, ask for patience, meekness, peace, and so may the grace of God be with you.

— from Divinity Course and General Collectanea, (the “Blue Book”), by Mary Baker Eddy, page 62

Discussion points

107 — WATCH lest you permit a human estimate or attitude to blind you to the true and divine significance of your human experiences. This is an important point, since it is your attitude towards anything that determines how it will affect your progress.

Jesus says in Matt. 10:22, “He that shall endure to the end shall be saved.”

What would be the value of a consciousness of God, and an understanding of Christian Science, that had not been toughened and strengthened so that it could endure to the end? When one has the right attitude toward human persecution and affliction, he will never be ashamed of his problems, nor will he personalize the channels through which such experiences come to him. Rather will he rejoice at whatever plunges him into a hot or cold experience. He will perceive that it is Love’s plan and Truth’s way of training him to endure.

The gist of the Master’s statement is that, if one desires to establish himself in the character of the Christ, which means holding steadfastly to the realization of one’s spiritual identity until the claim of material selfhood is silenced, he must suffer the effects of persecution and affliction, in order to develop his receptive and retentive qualities, which will enable him to receive and maintain the eternal good.

The most deadly thing, as far as spiritual growth is concerned, is the harmonious state of mortal belief, which sees no clouds on the horizon to mar the mesmerism, or to startle mortal man out of this mortal dream. What will stir one to mental activity, unless something jars him, unless some phase of error shakes him? Certainly a false peace, serenity or security in matter must be broken. Mortal man must be shaken out of his complacence. Otherwise he will never make an effort sufficient to throw off mortality, or to accomplish anything constructive along spiritual lines. The effort necessary to change one’s thinking from the human to the divine status requires something more than a feeble desire. It requires something drastic to cause him to cry out, “Lord, save or I perish.”

— from 500 Watching Points by Gilbert Carpenter

GOLDEN TEXT: Jude 1 : 21

“Keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life.”

Rules for overcoming animal magnetism:
1. See what it is trying to do.
2. Know that it cannot do it.
3. See that it is not done.

To accomplish this:
1. Be patient
2. Be meek
3. Be vigilant
4. Be sober
5. Be loving

— from Collectanea, by Mary Baker Eddy

Audio “Wednesday, November 8th, 2023 Testimony Meeting” read by Gary, NJ

At the Christmas season I am reminded of an experience which came to me some two years ago. Christmas morning had dawned cold and stormy, with a heavy rain falling. A keen sense of loneliness depressed me as I went about my morning tasks, for I was thinking of the dear ones who had gathered at the old homestead two thousand miles away, in honor of the day, and longed to be with them. With a heavy heart I took up Science and Health, opening it at the chapter called “The Apocalypse.” As I read, a sense of peace and quietness began to steal over me; the description of the holy city had never before seemed so beautiful, and the last sentence of the 23rd Psalm, which closes this wonderful chapter, “‘I will dwell in the house [the consciousness] of [Love] for ever'” (Science and Health, p. 578), brought to me a complete overcoming of the above-described condition.

Surely to dwell in the consciousness of Love is indeed to dwell “in the secret place of the most High,” and to continue in this consciousness is to “abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” Then it suddenly dawned upon me that this consciousness is home, the only real, permanent home I could ever have, and that I could not be separated from it. Error immediately argued that this realization did not bring me any nearer my own kinsfolk; but the thought that “this spiritual, holy habitation has no boundary nor limit” (Ibid., p. 577), that it was for them and for all mankind, put this argument to silence. Being very happy in this new understanding of home, I thought for a moment that I would rather stay in my own rooms than go to dine with the friend who had so kindly invited me to her home; but on second thought I decided to go, feeling sure that I could not be separated from the joy of knowing I had found a new home, or rather that I could take my home with me.

During the afternoon I overheard my friend and hostess say to her mother, “I invited Miss Smith to spend the day with us because I was afraid she would be lonely, living all alone as she does, and so far from all her people; but really she is the most joyous individual I ever saw. I wonder what makes her so happy.” Certainly I was glad to know I had been able to keep my new sense of home with me throughout the day. Now Christmas means more to me, because its real significance as the appearing of the Christ-idea to human consciousness has become clearly understood, and I am more grateful than ever for our text-book, “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,” which is showing us how to follow the Master’s teachings.

“Holidays And Home” from Christian Science Sentinel, January 7, by Mary M. Smith

Article “How to Save the World” by Nancy Beauchamp

Thoughts shared on the Lesson from readers:

1 Timothy 6:12 “Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life”.

FAITH is an affectionate practical confidence in the testimony of God. To trust. (Webster’s 1828)

“It is not a fight against God but a joining with Him against our common enemy. It is a spiritual struggle whereby we stand firm in the truth of God’s Word and battle against the world, the flesh, the devil, and our own self-will. Fighting the good fight of faith is not so much hostile combat against a physical enemy, but rising to the challenges of our Christian life or confidently taking hold of the eternal life that is ours in Christ Jesus our Lord. Praise God that this is not an evil fight but a good fight, for the battle has already been won by Christ’s victory on the Cross and we are to face all the challenges of life by maintaining an altering faith in Him – trusting in His sufficiency to bring us through victoriously. We are to fight the good fight of faith by seizing hold of every opportunity, trusting His all-sufficient grace to bring us through by faith, rather than wilting at the enormity of a problem or caving in to the temptation that faces us. When we fight the fight of faith, we are trusting Him in all things and in so doing we are taking hold of eternal life. Eternal life is not only about living forever in the life to come but is about living a victorious life in the here and now. It is about growing in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus, and developing a precious intimacy with Him as we abide securely in His love.”

— From daily verse commentary 1 Timothy 6:12

Final Readings

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